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When we first talk to potential customers, we barely mention the wedding album as our photography and customer service, in our minds, are paramount. We never do a hard sell with our albums as we would hate for you to choose or dismiss our photography based on the albums we offer. In saying that, we talk about how we like to capture the story of the wedding day and a professional wedding album really helps to achieve that. Special images from a special day demand an album to suit.

We apply the same amount of detail to preparing your wedding album as we do to everything that has gone before. The final layout and photographs to be included will all be approved by you before being printed. We want this album to be as impressive in years to come as it is now.

We offer a unique, stylish and modern fine art wedding album that is hand-bound and encased in fine materials. It opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so you can showcase your wedding images across multiple matte-finished fine art pages. The album comes with a choice of options including contemporary leather and cotton covers. The album will be delivered in a cotton bag, which is, in turn, displayed inside a craft cardboard presentation box. We also offer smaller albums which are duplicates of the main album as some couples like to provide these as presents to parents as a reminder of their big day.

The albums are made in the UK; the materials are eco-friendly and are manufactured from sustainable sources. Shipping is also carbon neutral.

Regrettably, we are unable to offer prices for every album available from every supplier, so we have spent countless hours researching albums to ensure the album we offer represent the very best in the terms of quality, value and that it fits with our ethos and our style of photography. However, if your heart is set on a particular album, we would be happy to provide a bespoke quote for you.

Here are some example photographs of a fine art wedding album starting with a contemporary leather cover, followed by a normal leather cover and then a cotton cover.  If you feel like treating yourself to a luxurious upgrade, we also can provide a handmade bamboo box which is made from responsibly-harvested bamboo plywood, bonded with soy-based glue with minimal VOCs:

Luxury bamboo box & contemporary leather cover

Standard leather cover


Cotton Cover


Cotton bag and craft presentation box


meachen & shorey photography

natural & moderndocumentary-style

wedding photography

meachen & shorey photography

natural & modern documentary-style

wedding photography

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