Creative Ways To Exhibit Your Wedding Photographs

Your wedding photographer should provide you with some of the best photographs ever taken of you and your loved ones and the chances are you won’t want to keep them hidden away on your phone. 

In this article, we’ll explore some creative ideas for showcasing your wedding photographs.


Photo Ledge

You may prefer not having a meticulously arranged set of pictures on your wall, or you may like the flexibility of changing your photos frequently. In that case, a picture ledge might be your perfect solution, whether it be long or short, single or grouped, photo ledges can be effective for the décor of any room. 

Lately, many designers and photographers are choosing this method to reveal their work. So, instead of the classic nail-and-hammer approach, think about adopting a more casual and modern style by displaying different-sized framed photos on your fireplace mantle, a series of floating shelves, or leaning against a hallway wall.

To diversify your display, print your photos in various sizes and orientations. For a more eclectic touch, you can even choose mismatched frames to enhance the uniqueness of your arrangement.

Framed or Canvas Prints

You can display multiple photos by arranging them on your wall. Common choices for wall arrangements involve using individual frames organised in a particular pattern or a balanced display. 

Alternatively, you can adopt metal or canvas prints if you appreciate a frameless appearance. Experiment with various styles to make your display more distinctive. For instance, if you have a striking photo and the image suits it, you can divide it into a three-part (triptych) collection. 

Wall Gallery

Gallery walls have become increasingly popular, especially for couples seeking a stylish way to feature many of their wedding pictures. Rather than having a single large canvas print, a gallery wall allows for the display of numerous images from the wedding, as well as photos from your dating period, engagement or pre-wedding session, or even family portraits from the marriages of parents, grandparents, and siblings. 

The most visually striking gallery walls typically comprise six or nine uniformly sized, matching frames. However, using different frames and photo sizes to create a unique look is also possible. It’s not necessary to use only photos; consider framing something sentimental, like the lyrics to your first dance, wedding vows or a personal quote that’s important to you both.

Professional Wedding Albums 

Many couples still buy a professional wedding album from their wedding photographer, to create a beautiful and unique keepsafe. A professional wedding album is an excellent way to exhibit a large number of wedding pictures and can be customised with various designs and materials to reflect your personalities.

Consider making your wedding album a focus point for your coffee table or display in your home. Your loved ones will enjoy going through it when they visit. Even if you don’t browse through your album regularly, it doesn’t have to be hidden away, you can put it on a display shelf along with other photographs. 


Laying out your wedding pictures is crucial in keeping the beautiful memories of your special day alive. Whether you decide to adorn your walls with these photos or exhibit them on a shelf, it’s essential to invest some time to consider the options available. Speak with your photographer, they should be able to help with providing prints that are colour accurate as results can differ depending on the quality of the printer or supplier. They may also be able to advise if the images need to be resized depending on the dimensions of the output you need.

As the years go by, the significance of your wedding images will only grow, and having them showcased in your house will serve as an ongoing reminder of the love and happiness you experienced on that memorable day.

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