Do couples still want wedding albums?

Before the introduction of digital photography, wedding albums were an integral part of a wedding photographer’s service.  However, the importance of wedding albums to newly married couples has been questioned in recent times. With the rise of online galleries and social media, many couples are opting to forgo such a keepsake. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of wedding albums and why they’re still relevant today.

wedding albums

Showcasing photographs

Wedding days are special, and couples want to make the most of their precious memories ensuring they’re displayed and presented in the best way possible. A professional wedding album is a great way to showcase a collection of memorable photographs bound by beautiful natural materials. Many albums come in large landscape and square formats to maximise the impact.

Preserving Memories

While digital photos can be stored on a computer or a smartphone, they’re not tangible and can, if not looked after properly, be susceptible to technical issues or be accidentally deleted. Many digital photographs get lost in the myriad of everyday photographs collected over many years on a digital device. A wedding album is easy to access and is also an opportunity to unplug from technology and be present. It’s a physical representation of a couple’s wedding day where the photographs can be touched and passed down to generations. 


Wedding albums also offer a unique way to personalise memories. They reflect the couple’s special day which is meaningful to them. They can be customised with different cover materials, colours, paper types and layouts, all which can mirror their personality. 

A special gift

Many professional wedding albums also come in duplicate smaller sizes. Many couples love to give these as a gift to their parents, grandparents, and other family members who played a significant role in their wedding or may not have been able to attend. 


Whilst wedding albums certainly may feel old-fashioned to some, to many they still serve as a timeless way of preserving and presenting special wedding photographs. Many couples still believe having a man-made professional wedding album provides that sentimental value that will never be achieved via a digital image on a screen.

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