The Benefits of Having Two Wedding Photographers

As a newly-engaged couple you will no doubt be investing a considerable amount of time and money in finding the right photographer. Your wedding day will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life therefore choosing the right wedding photographer to capture your day, in the style that you want, is essential. You want to have confidence that you’re going to cherish the photographs that your photographer delivers for decades to come.

Due to the number of guests invited to a typical wedding, which can be held over multiple locations, many couples are opting to maximise the benefit of having two experienced professional photographers from the same photography business to cover their wedding (we’re not referring to an inexperienced second shooter or an assistant).

So what are the benefits of hiring two professional photographers for your special day?

1. More Coverage 

The most obvious benefit of having two wedding photographers at your wedding is the increased coverage it brings. With two photographers, more moments that you did and didn’t see will be captured. One example where this is typically true is the morning preparations. Historically, the majority of the morning photographs include only one half of the couple’s preparations as a sole photographer can’t be in two places at the same time. Having two photographers means both of the couple getting married will have their preparations documented, allowing them to see what the other was doing on the morning of their wedding day.

2. Different Perspectives

Having two photographers will provide different perspectives resulting in a more diverse collection of photographs. Any business offering two photographers should offer a consistent style of photography. However, having two photographers in different places will increase the variety of your photographs. This may be from the front and rear of the church or ceremony room, the drinks reception, the speeches or the dancefloor. Two photographers should work seamlessly together knowing what the other is about to do, complimenting each other rather than getting in each other’s way. This experience and the diversity in images will also make a big difference when reliving your wedding and will allow you to choose a broader range of photographs to go in a wedding album. 

3. Saving Time

Having two experienced photographers means you can gain some efficiency compared to relying on one photographer. This will help if you have numerous group photographs or would like some time spent on capturing all the details of your wedding breakfast room and the surrounding venue. These ‘still life’ photographs can still be recorded without losing focus on the all important human interactions that continue throughout the day. 

4. Less stress in the event of any issues

Every photographer should have a back-up plan. In the unlikely event that there are technical issues with one photographer’s equipment, having a second photographer means no one is waiting around for a full memory card to be replaced or a back-up camera to be found. The second can quickly step in and continue where the first left off with minimal delay. 

So how do you know if having two photographers is right for you and your wedding? 

Ultimately, this will depend on your specific needs, priorities and budget. Here are a few questions to consider when making your decision:

1. What is your photography budget? If you have a limited budget or photography is not a priority, then you may prefer to stick with just one photographer  

2. How large is your guest list? For larger weddings (typically 70+ guests), two photographers can be hugely beneficial. Having two will ensure that more of the important moments are captured.

3. When talking to potential photographers have you communicated clearly what your expectations are for your wedding day? Your photographer may feel confident in their ability to capture your wedding without a second photographer, but do check that their plan matches your expectation. It may well be that there is no way to deliver everything you want with only one photographer. 


Choosing a business that offers two wedding photographers does provide numerous benefits. It may also be better value for money as typically the cost will be far less than double the cost of hiring just one. 

Above all, spending time researching and getting to know your photographer(s), will increase the likelihood of you falling in love with your wedding day each and every time you revisit your wedding photographs in years to come.

Meachen & Shorey Photography are Hertfordshire wedding photographers who offer natural and documentary-style wedding photography. Please feel free to get in contact if you would like to learn more about what we offer.

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