Emma & Curtis’ Wedding, Leez Priory, Essex

Nobody wants it to rain on their wedding day. Couples, guests and photographers alike are no doubt all checking the weather forecast during the days leading up to the wedding. We always say that rain will not stop play and to embrace it if the worst should happen, and that is exactly what Emma & Curtis did on their big day.

Emma & Curtis got married at Leez Priory which is a stunning Tudor mansion located in Essex. The sun was shining throughout the morning whilst the Bride and Groom were in a very relaxed mood getting ready for the exciting day ahead. The plan was to have their wedding ceremony outside infront of the Great Tower which overlooks 40 acres of parkland, lakes and manicured lawns. However, as nature would have it, the ceremony was just to begin and the rain came down. Sensing the disappointment, Emma & Curtis’ family, friends, organisers, officials and suppliers all worked together to allow the couple still to have their wish of getting married outside. Everyone all huddled together inside the arch of the Great Tower which created a real feeling of intimacy.

As soon as the ceremony finished, the sun came out allowing their guests to enjoy the vast lawns and allow us to capture what we needed.

We had a great day with Emma, Curtis and their guests – all the way up to the fireworks in the evening. Here are a few photos from their day.

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