Embrace Relaxed Wedding Photography: A Guide for Camera-Shy Couples

For many couples, the prospect of being photographed during their wedding day may feel daunting or uncomfortable due to being self-conscious in front of a camera. However, with the guidance of Hertfordshire’s Meachen & Shorey Photography, you can learn to embrace the experience to enable you to relax on your special day.

In this blog, we’ll provide advice to help camera-shy couples feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens working with Meachen & Shorey Photography’s unobtrusive style of working.


Choose the right photographer: embracing documentary-style wedding photography

Finding a photographer who specialises in a candid, documentary-style approach is essential for camera-shy couples:

1. Do your research: Begin by exploring wedding photographers in your area, reviewing their portfolios to identify those with a natural and relaxed style that resonates with your preferences. Having photographers that focus on natural moments will mean you will be more focused on enjoying your wedding than staring into a lens for overly-posed photographs.

2. Schedule a meeting: Arrange a face-to-face meeting or video call with your preferred photographers to discuss your wedding plans and to understand their approach to dealing with couples 

3. Share your concerns: Openly share any camera-related anxieties or issues with your photographer, so they understand your perspective and can adapt their approach accordingly. They should be able to give you some recommendations as it will be a common concern that they are used to dealing with

Establish trust and communication with your photographer

Ensuring a comfortable and trusting relationship with your wedding photographer will help alleviate any fears or apprehensions about being photographed:

1. Pre-wedding consultations: Attend pre-wedding consultations with your photographer to discuss your preferences, timeline, and desired outcome which should foster a sense of mutual understanding and collaboration

2. Schedule an engagement shoot: Consider booking a pre-wedding or engagement shoot with your photographer, which will allow you to build a rapport, become familiar with their style, and most importantly, feel more at ease in front of the camera.

Prepare for your wedding day: building confidence and embracing the moment

Mentally and physically preparing for your wedding day can significantly impact your comfort and confidence in front of the camera:

1. Practice mindfulness techniques: experiment with meditation, deep breathing, or visualisation techniques to help calm pre-wedding nerves and enhance your overall sense of well-being and relaxation.

2. Focus on your partner: Keep your focus on the love and connection between you and your partner, taking comfort in their presence and remembering the purpose of your special day.

3. Accept imperfections: Embrace the natural imperfections and uniqueness that make your wedding day truly your own. Not every detail needs to be flawless to create wonderful photographs

Enjoy the journey: embrace relaxed wedding photography during your celebration

Throughout your wedding day, maintain a sense of enjoyment and trust in your photographer, knowing they share your vision for relaxed and authentic images:

1. Be present in the moment: focus on enjoying every aspect of your wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, without fixating on the presence of the camera

2. Trust your photographer’s expertise: remember that your photographer is a professional, skilled in capturing raw emotions and candid moments

Conclusion: celebrate your love confidently with relaxed wedding photography

By choosing the right documentary-style photographer, building trust and communication, and mentally preparing for your big day, you can enjoy a memorable photographic experience

So if you’re looking for wedding photography in Hertfordshire consider Meachen & Shorey Photography who are experts in working with couples who are camera shy. Their approach ensures that even those who may not typically enjoy being the centre of attention can celebrate their special day confidently and comfortably.

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